Axel James Liu Hellman

Axel is now 4 years old. He used to want to be a teacher when he grew up, but now he wants to be an artist. Maybe he just likes KidPix.

Here is the Valentine he made for his mom this year.

Famous Axel's

Axel Poulsen
Norwegian ice scater of the 1890's. He invented the jump known as the "axel".
Axel Foley
Eddie Murphy's character in "Beverley Hills Cop".
Axel Springer
German publishing magnate. The Springer in "Springer-Verlag".
Axel Fusco
A wolverine in the comic strip "The Fusco Brothers".
Axl (sic) Rose
Lead Guitarist for the Band "Guns'n'Roses".
Axel Schultz
German boxer, beat George Foreman in a heavyweight title fight on April 22,1995, but the judges didn't think so.
Axel Munthe
Swedish writer and physician, author of the wonderful book: "The Story of San Michele". His villa on the island of Capri can be visited.
Axel Fredrik Cronstedt
Swedish chemist and mineralogist , b. Dec. 23, 1722, d. Aug. 19, 1765, discovered (1751) nickel and was the first to classify minerals according to their chemical properties. He developed techniques for using a blowpipe as a source of very hot flame in mineral analysis.
Erik Axel Karlfeldt
Swedish poet, b. July 20, 1864, d. Apr. 8, 1931, was one of the principal figures of modern Swedish literature. Elected to the Swedish Academy in 1904, he was posthumously honored with the Nobel Prize for literature in 1931. A poet of his native Dalarna province, Karlfeldt was known for his sensitivity to nature and familiarity with local peasant traditions, qualities that characterize Fridolins visor (Fridolin's Songs, 1898) and Fridolins lustgård (Fridolin's Pleasure Garden, 1901). Selections from his poetry were translated in Arcadia Borealis (1938).
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